Victoria Mountain Spring Water flows from the springs in the Victorian Yarra Ranges and is 100% pure therefore there is no need for any artificial purification methods. The water source is one of Australia's premium springs supplying many discerning customers.

To guarantee that we are delivering the highest quality spring water, our water is tested on a daily basis, from the source, to the tankers transferring the water, through to the supplier who bottles the water. The water is bottled in plants close to the source to ensure quick, fresh delivery.

Typical Analysis  
Calcium 1.7mg/L Chloride 13mg/L
Magnesium 0.3mg/L pH 639
Potassium <1mg/L Total Dissolved Solids 23mg/L

Helping the Community
Victoria Mountain Spring Water is a family business that is 100% Australian owned. Hundreds of native trees have been planted on the property to ensure that the catchment area is fully protected and in turn help protect the environment.
Victoria Mountain Spring Water helps protect the local community from bush fires by assisting the CFA in having access to fill their tanks in preparation against fires in the region.

A quality product for any size business
When you buy from us you save as you are buying direct from the source and are cutting out the middle man. This product is ideal for any size business. It allows for a greater profit margin when comparing to other fine quality spring water suppliers.

Product Range:

Bottle Size Bottles
per Box
per Pallet
350ml 24 91
600ml 24 60
1.5lt 10 56